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In general, the activities of the below-mentioned objects would be Without prejudice purely charitable, and not profit-motivated. The institution's funds would be used solely for the institution, with no portion of them being distributed to the trustees in any way.
In general, the below-mentioned objects' activities would be purely charitable and not profit-motivated. The funds of the institution would be used solely for the institution, with no portion distributed to the trustees in any way.

    Provide Food

    We are working towards eradicating hunger by reaching homeless people and less deprived with food and necessary things. We do regular food drives and also organise events where we cook and prepare food for people in huge numbers. We also celebrate special days and festivals with the less deprived.


    We encourage those from economically backward areas to appear for competitive examinations, assist and encourage skill development, technical and vocational courses by  offering  scholarships to bright and deserving students.

    Widow Welfare

    We work with a number of widows who live alone and do not have the means to support themselves. We provide food, medicine, clothing and employment assistance and undertake the general welfare and wellbeing of the Widows

    Child Welfare

    We support orphaned and vulnerable children by providing for their physical, educational, nutritional, medical, and emotional needs.

    Elderly Care

    We thrive to bring a smile on the faces of Elderly by taking care of their medical expenses, nutritional needs & emotional needs. We also try to make them self reliant by educating them about the latest technological developments and train them to use Various Applications to their advantage.

    Skill Development

    To provide for the dissemination of knowledge and educational upliftment of the rural and general public, regardless of caste, creed, gender, or religion.
    To raise public awareness about government policies and to collaborate with government offices in raising public awareness about public policies.
    To aid and encourage the unemployed to develop their abilities.


    We provide medical expenses for the poor and free delivery of medicines ordered by the elderly, as well as food and food materials for people who are unable to provide for themselves.
    we are hoping that our service will create the remarkable effect for your life.

    Spiritual Development

    We educate the General Public on the importance of Spiritual development of any person as it is vital for their overall growth. One of the many ways in which we promote Spiritual Development is by conducting Yoga sessions.

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