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Anna Purna Lakshmi Trust

"Charity given to a worthy person simply because it is right to give, without consideration of anything in return, at the proper time and in the proper place, is stated to be in the mode of goodness."
- Bhagavat Gita
Our Trust offers purely philanthropic and humanitarian service to the poor and downtrodden section of society regardless of caste, creed, gender and religion.


To provide food for poor and needy people, who are in hunger, especially for the people who don’t have any support or help, may be infant, old, physically and mentally challenged or disabled persons.
To aid skill development and organise Technical and Vocational Courses for the poor, needy and unemployed.
To provide Scholarships to bright and deserving students. We also help the needy children to complete their education.
To educate society in Spiritual development through Media, Yoga, Meditation and related Book Publication.
To provide emergency free medical Aid to poor and needy.
"What so ever You Do to the Least of My Brothers You Do unto Me"
                                                                                           – Matthew 25:31-46

Our Services

Our charity isn't always described in phrases of caste or religion. Our organization is only for people who hand out for help. We recognize the poverty of all ages, from kids to the elderly, and do our component with out prejudice.


A note to our valuable donors

We whole heartedly thank our donors for their generous contributions.

We request the donors to send us their details to facilitate the reception of receipt for exemption from 80G to be sent at the end of the month through post or WhatsApp as specified by the donor.

Donations sent on Birthdays, Wedding Anniversary or any other auspicious occasions, please specify the type of distribution (food, sweet, karams, bun, etc) as well as the date of distribution.

On that specified dates, along with the food, prayers will be offered to Almighty God for the good health, happiness and the prosperity of the donor and his family members before the distribution of the same.

With gratitude and regards,

M. G. Mohan Kumar
Trustee - APL TRUST
No: 145, I Floor, Kennedy Nagar
Salem - 636 005.

“Charity in secret, quiets the anger of God and takes away one’s sin as the water puts out the fire and keeps away seventy kinds of calamities.”
- Quran 2:271

Food Served


Old Age Care


Skill Development